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Kenya 4th in World Cup qualifiers

The Kenya National team finished 4th overall in the recent qualifying rounds for the 20/20 World Cup scheduled for next year in England. Two teams were to qualify; with an outside chance for a third team should Zimbabwe withdraw from the tournament. Ireland and Netherlands, who both beat Kenya comprehensively in this qualifying tournament, will now participate in next year's 20/20 ...

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CLICO sponsored tournament in West Indies

The debacle and poor state of Kenyan cricket continues with our juniors who were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a 3-week tour of the West Indies for an under-I5 tournament. They played against other teams in the tournament which saw participation by West Indies, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ireland, Malaysia and Holland.   The Kenyans did not win any match in the CL...

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Kenyan cricket continues to sink lower

Cricket Kenya administration continues to sink lower in almost all areas. The national team's recent performance is at an all time low. A disastrous tour of Europe by the national team failed to see the side qualify for the 2O/2O World Cup next year.   The teams that qualified; Holland and Ireland, will each receive U5$250,000/- prize money after the World Cup to be pl...

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ICC associate Trophy tournament countdown

The countdown has begun for the Kenya towards the ICC Associate Trophy scheduled for 1st -9th April 2009 in South Africa, where the teams involved will be competing for the four positions available in the next year World Cup to held in the sub-continent in 2011.   Kenya last participated in the ICC Trophy in 1997 where it lost in the finals, on the last ball, to Bangladesh. Ba...

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ICC withdraws Kenya from hosting U-19 World Cup

What a major blow to the youngsters and cricket fans in Kenya after the International Cricket Council withdrew Kenya from hosting the Under-l9 World Cup. The ICC had three years ago awarded Kenya this prestigious honour of hosting the event due to Kenya's past record of being a competent host to such events.   The ICC had been monitoring progress during the past year or so...

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Reflections on 2009

As we come to the end of 2009, it is time to reflect on our achievements, performances and chart a way forward in the game of cricket which over the years has been loved and followed by many in this country. The national team has really not made an impact or maintained the reputation it had at international level in the late 90's.   At present, we are playing at a much low...

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Tom Tikolo and CLICO fund

A cat has nine lives, Tom Tikolo has 99 lives. Is this the end of Tom Tikolo in Kenyan cricket? Revelations on his conduct as CEO has surprised the cricket fraternity especially on the trust of money.   I have known Tom Tikolo for over 30 years since my schooling days when as a Mombasa youngster we used to have cricket matches against Nairobi schools. Tom and myself, on my deb...

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Low, Lowest and now Dead

Kenyan cricket is dead. I call it suicide. It needs no funeral. I have many times said that Kenyan cricket is in the ICU Now, it has moved one step ahead. A sport that reached great heights has fallen equally deep. At times I get infuriated, annoyed, disgusted, disappointed – but now I am actually sad with grief. When one sees the noble game of cricket go through such a horrible ...

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