Group threatens to sue Nairobi County over uncollected garbage

Social public interest initiative led by Mr. Ezekiel Otieno has formally complaint to the Nairobi City County over he city garbage menace

The Nairobi garbage crisis has taken a new twist following action by a lobby group, the social public interest initiative who have written to the Nairobi City county government demanding information on the list of the companies which were awarded the tender to ensure there is proper garbage disposal in Nairobi County, a detailed information on what criteria was used to determine who was eligible for award of the said tender and a confirmation of cash transfers to the said companies for any work done.

According to social public interest initiative which is led by Ezekiel Otieno, the garbage menace in the capital city poses a health and security hazard and has asked to be furnished with the information within seven days failure to which, the group has threatened to move to court.

In the letter to the County Executive Committee member for Environment, Energy, Water and Natural Resources for Nairobi City County Lawrence Musyoka Wambua, the group has insisted that uncollected solid waste is one of Nairobi’s most visible environmental problems.

“In furtherance of our agenda, we sadly note that uncollected solid waste is one of Nairobi’s most visible environmental problems. Many parts of the city, especially the low and middle-income areas, don’t even have waste collection systems in place. Nairobi’s current waste disposal system is fraught with major problems. These range from the city’s failure to prioritise solid waste management to inadequate infrastructure and the fact that multiple actors are involved whose activities aren’t controlled,” reads part of the letter dated 29th August 2022.

“The lack of proper management of solid waste disposal has presented a health and security hazard for residents in Nairobi. We will focus our attention on St. Teresa Girls and Huruma Mixed Secondary School. The aforementioned schools face both health and security hazard due to laxity on the part of Nairobi City County in ensuring that there is proper waste disposal. For instance, if one is to visit the perimeter wall for St. Teresa Girls, you will notice that there is a huge pile of garbage that is almost the height of the perimeter wall. This poses a huge threat to the learners who attend to the said school considering anyone can easily climb the pile of garbage and access the school premises. We additionally point out that the said pile of garbage is in close proximity to the dormitories where the girls sleep. The entrance to Huruma Mixed Secondary School is also consumed by a huge pile of garbage that continues to grow with each passing day. We are left wondering why the County Government would not act quickly to ensure learners are given a conducive environment to learn and go about their daily activities. The lack of proper waste disposal is a health and security hazard for the children attending to the said school,’ the letter continues.

Further, the group pointed out several other areas within the city that have become a dumping site much to the health and security concerns of Nairobi Residents. They singled out OTC, Muthurwa and Mathare No. 10 as examples reiterating that the lack of proper garbage disposal that has been witnessed in Nairobi needs a proper forensic audit to find out who are the cartels in the County Government who have been tasked with ensuring there is proper sanitization in the city and have failed in doing so.


Group threatens to sue Nairobi County over uncollected garbage

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