Dr. Oluga emerges Nairobi county health chief officer front runner


Former Director of Health Services in the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Dr.Ouma Oluga has emerged as the front runner for the position of County Chief Officer for the department of health in the Nairobi City County government.

Oluga, who was previously the secretary general of the Kenya medical practitioners and dentists board, is being touted as the best suited for the position as Nairobi governor moves to announce his nominees for the positions of chief officers to serve in the various departments in the county government.

Oluga, who was appointed the Director of Health services in the NMS following the deed of transfer of functions from the Nairobi county to NMS in 2018 prides himself of a glittering four year period of service delivery making him among the best suited candidates to fill the position in Sakaja’s list of appointees.

NMS in the years that Dr. Oluga worked for Nairobi as NMS, the county was able to achieve many milestones among them the employment of more than 2000 workers including 200 doctors, 44 specialists, 800 nurses, 100 lab techs, 100 nutritionists and 34 drivers in Nairobi county to boost health service delivery within the county.


Key among other achievements the Dr. Oluga spearheaded as the director of health services at NMS include the establishment of an Emergency Operation Centre with a toll free line 1508 and more than 13 new advanced life support ambulances which today are used to attend to all emergencies outside hospitals and inside hospitals in Nairobi.

Oluga also was central in the verification and enrollment of 7460 community health workers who have, for the first time in history, been put on a stipend of Kshs 3500 per month and an additional cumulative figure Kshs 25 million for all of them every time they  participate in an activity.

The former union leader’s tenure at NMS saw the enrollment of 66,108 poor and indigent families into the national NHIF scheme a move that has seen them get the opportunity to visit hospital and be treated for free.

The NMS health department also provided more than 72000 families with cash transfer of Kshs 4500 per month for four months during the COVID-19 lock down and curfews when factories and businesses were closed due to the ministry of health restrictions that were aimed at curbing the spread of the Coronavirus.

It is also under the guidance of Dr. Oluga at the NMS health department that the Pumwani Hospital was upgraded to a world class hospital where no preventable death has been recorded in the last one year. 

According to records at city hall, Dr. Oluga also spearheaded the projects that saw NMS built, equip, staff and operat 32 hospitals in all Nairobi’s slums to serve 3.1 million people living in the slums and who were previously crowding at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The NMS in Nairobi also made all 118 hospitals to sign NHIF contracts so that they can begin to claim money and buy drugs that have been a big challenge in many facilities. As well, he led the negotiatiations for all the workers at NMS and Nairobi City County to be included in Comprehensive Civil Servants Medical Scheme which enabled them to go for treatment in high level facilities including abroad. Previously they suffered under AAR insurance scheme and gazetted the Community Health Services Act and fronted 30 other polices and guidelines to assist Nairobians live healthier and prevent diseases.

NMS Health department also delivered more than 3.5 million Covid vaccines.

It is due to the NMS health department leadership that Dr. Oluga was awarded internationally for reducing HIV prevalence in Nairobi from 6.1% to 5.1% as well as increasing the number of women delivering in public health facilities from 32% to 55%. NMS has also been able to increase gender based violence clinics from 22 to 46 and initiated 24 mental health service clinics in Nairobi.

Others who have been associated with the Health chief officer position at Nairobi county include Tito Kilonzi who was former Security department chief officer and former Roysambu MCA Peter Warutere


Dr. Oluga emerges Nairobi county health chief officer front runner

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